Environmental, Social and Governance Sustainability

At Delta, sustainability is defined as “meeting the company’s financial goals of growth and profitability over time, through innovative business practices that minimize the environmental impacts of Delta operations and promote the health, welfare, and productivity of the individuals and communities we employ and serve."
2018 Corporate Responsibility Report
See how Delta is charting our own course forward to have a meaningful impact on the people we encounter, while mitigating the impact our business has on our environment for future generations.

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The work of an airline is, at its core, about connecting people with communities, with experiences and with each other. Making connections is Delta’s mission. And as a purpose-driven brand, our leadership and employees understand we have an obligation to make the world a better place. It’s a mission we embrace – both as a corporation and, even more powerfully, as 80,000 people living and serving people across the world.

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“成为一名良好的企业公民是达美文化的关键要素,正因如此,我们在可持续发展方面的各项措施不是说说而已,”达美首席运营官Gil West如是说道。“作为其行业领先的可持续发展战略的一部分,达美致力于交出成效卓著的具体成果,维持碳平衡的发展,减少废物,让客户和员工参与到环境保护和管理的周围。”

正因为这些努力以及其他方面的诸多付出,达美于2017年荣获Keep America Beautiful颁发的Vision For America大奖,于2018年获授Captain Planet Foundation的Superhero Corporate奖,连续四年入选富时社会责任指数,连续八年入选道琼斯北美可持续发展指数。

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A portion of the oil refined by Monroe Energy will come from synthetic feedstock converted from waste plastic, under an agreement announced last week with Agilyx, an environmental technology and development company.

Under the agreement, Agilyx will supply about 2,500 barrels per day of the synthetic feedstock by 2020.

"The Agilyx technology is an innovative process, reducing the amount of plastic that is currently being landfilled," said Jeff Warmann, CEO – Monroe Energy. "I am proud that our company can play such a significant role in converting waste plastics into useful jet fuel for Delta."

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Delta Air Lines is continuing the removal of a variety of single-use plastic items, including stir sticks, wrappers, utensils and straws from its aircraft and Delta Sky Clubs. The ongoing effort comes on the heels of the global airline's leading move to remove plastic wrap from international Main Cabin cutlery in April, and is expected to eliminate more than 300,000 pounds in plastic waste annually – that's more than the weight of two Boeing 757 aircraft.

Other moves contributing to Delta's long-time sustainability efforts include the elimination of unnecessary plastic wrapping from Delta One amenity kits, and reducing Styrofoam in the cafeterias at Delta's Atlanta headquarters in favor of compostable and/or reusable alternatives. Delta's Minneapolis office campus ditched Styrofo am altogether in 2015.

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