Earn Miles on All Vacation Packages

Go Beyond the Flight with Delta Vacations to discover new ways to earn bonus miles. Now SkyMiles® Members earn bonus miles, in addition to flight miles, on every vacation package. And get to Medallion Status faster through the end of the year by earning up to 75% more toward Status on Delta flights.

Bonus Miles with Every Package: 

Package Price
Bonus Miles Earned (Per Person)
美元10,000+ 5,000
5,000美元-9,999美元 2,000
最高可达4,999美元 1,000

2022 Medallion® Status Accelerators:

Beginning April 1 through 2021年12月31日, earn 2022 Medallion Status Accelerators on Delta flights:*

*Applies on Delta-operated flights. Medallion Accelerator bonuses apply toward earning Medallion Status only and do not include redeemable miles.


Bonus Miles with Car Rentals:

Car Rental Packages
Bonus Miles Earned (Primary Driver)
Alamo® Rent a Car 500 + additional 200 per day
National® Car Rental 500 + additional 200 per day

Bonus Miles when using your Delta SkyMiles® American Express Card to book your vacation package:

Delta SkyMiles® American Express Card
Bonus Miles Earned (Per Dollar Spent on Card)
Delta SkyMiles® Gold American Express Card 2 miles
Delta SkyMiles® Blue American Express Card 2 miles
达美“飞凡里程常客计划”美国运通白金卡 3 miles
Delta SkyMiles® Reserve American Express Card 3 miles

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†The SkyMiles number must be provided during pick up at the rental counter. The car must be rented in Member's name to earn mileage. 每次租车仅一名“飞凡里程常客计划”会员可累积里程。Offer valid for rentals picked up at participating Alamo or National Car Rental locations in the United States and Canada. 里程将在完成符合条件的租赁6-8周后记入您的帐户。

The Delta SkyMiles® Program was named Best Travel Rewards Program by U.S. News® for 2019-2020.

Earn Bonus Miles with Every Package Terms and Conditions

  • Purchase any Delta Vacations package from any Delta Vacations origin in the U.S. or Canada to any Delta Vacations destination, up to 330 days before travel, for travel anytime.
  • Receive 1,000 bonus miles per qualified customer on bookings of up to $4,999; 2,000 bonus miles per qualified customer on bookings of $5,000 - $9,999; and 5,000 bonus miles per qualified customer on bookings of $10,000 or more.
  • Maximum of 5,000 bonus miles per qualified customer.
  • Qualified customer means individuals with a SkyMiles number included in the reservation. Infants under two years of age who travel on an infant fare are excluded. All qualified customers must be listed as guests and use the package travel components to qualify for bonus miles.
  • SkyMiles number must be added to the Delta Vacations booking to receive the bonus miles. Bonus miles will not be credited when the SkyMiles number is provided directly to the airline.
  • Bonus miles will be posted to Members’ accounts within 6-8 weeks of completing qualifying travel. Miles will be posted as a bonus, and will not count toward Medallion® qualification.
  • Bonus miles are awarded for purchasing the following: flight and hotel stay, flight and hotel stay plus qualified car rental, flight and car, hotel and car, hotel and transfer, Ski Vacations and Globus family of brands, including Globus, Cosmos, Monograms and Avalon packages.
  • When providing a SkyMiles number, bonus miles will be awarded for Delta Vacations packages, including Delta flights, Delta-coded flights operated by the airline partners below, and flights coded and operated by the following airlines partners: 达美联运航空和达美快线航班、KLM 荷兰皇家航空公司、夏威夷航空公司、墨西哥航空公司、法国航空公司和意大利航空公司。
  • 所有机票和文件必须由达美度假服务签发。
  • All mileage and subsequent awards must be earned and used according to the terms and conditions of the SkyMiles Program.
  • 可能适用其他规则和限制。达美度假服务对这些规则拥有最终解释权。
  • 通过汽车租赁和信用卡赢取的里程受参与公司和供应商单独协议的约束,计划如有变更,恕不另行通知。有关详情,请参见提供商。
  • 遵循所有“飞凡里程常客计划”的活动规则。To review the rules, please visit  delta.com/memberguide. Bonus miles do not count toward Medallion Status or Million Miler™ Status. 优惠可随时更改,恕不另行通知;同时可能还需遵守其他限制条件。法律禁止的优惠无效。

Earn Toward Medallion Status Terms and Conditions


  • 推广期:April 1, 2021 – 2021年12月31日
  • 优惠:SkyMiles Members (“Members”) will receive a 50% bonus of Medallion Qualification Miles (“MQMs”), Medallion Qualification Segments (“MQSs”) and Medallion Qualification Dollars (“MQDs”) on paid and Award Travel tickets booked in Basic Economy or Main Cabin on flights that are both marketed (flight number begins with ‘DL’) and operated by Delta, Delta Connection® carriers or Delta Shuttle® (“Delta Carriers”) and are flown during the Promotional Period.

    Members will receive a 75% bonus of MQMs, MQS and MQDs on paid and Award Travel tickets booked in a Delta Comfort+®, First Class, Delta Premium Select or Delta One® tickets booked in a Delta Comfort+®, First Class, Delta Premium Select or Delta One® (“Premium Cabins”) on flights that are both marketed and operated by Delta and are flown during the Promotional Period. Travel that is booked before, but flown during, the Promotional Period is eligible for these bonuses. bonuses on qualifying flights flown between 2021年4月01日 and 2021年5月15日, may take until 2021年5月31日 to appear in the Member’s SkyMiles account.

    符合条件的活动:Qualifying flight activity includes paid (retail) tickets, Award Tickets, Miles + Cash Tickets, Pay with Miles tickets, post-purchase upgrades and flights booked as a part of a Delta Vacations® package, but does not include travel on partner airlines (even if marketed by Delta), exception fares(not including Delta Vacations), or Award redemptions or purchases of non-air products and fees. 如果行程的一部分包含乘坐达美和达美航空公司合作伙伴的旅行,那么仅有由达美运营和销售的航段可赢取奖励。奖励将基于所购买和乘坐的舱等。任何类型的免费升级将不可获得豪华客舱奖励。如果会员使用升级证书、从购买的经济舱机票免费升级至豪华客舱、在办理登机手续时或在登机口付费升级或获享运营升级,那么会员将无法获得高级客舱奖励。Companions traveling on American Express Companion Certificates are not eligible to earn MQMs, MQS or MQDs, but the paid ticket of the certificate holder will.

    赢取尊爵会会员资格:For purposes of MQM or MQD credit, “distance flown” means the calculated distance between origin and destination, as determined by Delta in its sole discretion, regardless of the actual distance traveled on any individual flight. MQMs, MQSs and MQDs are earned by the Member who is flying, regardless of who booked or redeemed miles for the ticket and are awarded after the ticket is flown. 免费机票、交换机票、通票旅行以及其他不可进行里程累积的机票将无法赢取尊爵会资格里程、尊爵会资格航段或尊爵会资格美元消费。可兑换里程不可获得奖励。尊爵会资格里程奖励将计入会员的飞凡百万里程会员资格认定、延期尊爵会资格里程以及授予尊爵会资格里程的推广和挑战活动。

    • 尊爵会资格里程:Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs) earned through flight activity on Delta are calculated based on distance flown and fare class purchased –promotional bonuses will be applied to this amount. Prior to the bonus being applied, flights and itineraries eligible for MQMs, including Award Travel tickets, will earn a minimum of 500 MQMs per segment. 如果付费升级,则将按照所搭乘的舱等获得奖励。通过达美“飞凡里程常客计划”美国运通信用卡有效消费赢取的尊爵会资格里程不可获得奖励,包括Status Boost或迎新优惠提供的尊爵会资格里程。


    • 尊爵会资格航段:All fare classes eligible to earn MQMs count toward MQSs. One (1) MQS will be awarded for each segment of your trip on Delta. During the promotional period, either a 50% or a 75% bonus will be applied to each segment, depending on the cabin flown on a qualifying flight. 会员的帐户活动中将不会出现不满1的航段;奖励尊爵会资格航段(MQS)将在整个优惠期内持续计入会员帐户,直到会员乘坐的航班累积可获得一(1)个完整的尊爵会资格航段奖励。获得基础航段时,额外的航段奖励可能不会出现在会员帐户中,因为符合资格的航班活动获得的奖励航段将在整个优惠期内持续计入账户,并将在您乘坐的航班累积可获得一(1)个完整的奖励航段当日之前计入您的帐户。到2021日历年底,任何不满1的航段都将四舍五入为一个完整航段,并计入会员帐户以进行2022年尊爵会员资格认定。


    • 尊爵会资格美元消费:MQDs are the sum totalof the Member’s spend on Delta-marketed flights, inclusive of the base fare and carrier-imposed surcharges, but exclusive of government-imposed taxes and fees –either a 50% or 75% bonus will be applied to this amount based on the cabin flown. 通过达美假期度假套票所预订航班而赚取的尊爵会资格美元消费将等于行程飞行距离和所购机票舱等(如适用)所赢取奖励的1/5。All other ancillary purchases or fees including but not limited to checked baggage fees, Priority Boarding, Delta Sky Club® memberships, Wi-Fi passes, in-flight food and beverage purchases, in-flight entertainment, unaccompanied minor fees, pet travel fees, Mileage Booster™ or mileage purchases, ticket change fees, Direct Ticketing Charge (DTC), same-day confirmed or standby fees, Administrative Service Charge (ASC), and External Reissue Charge (ERC), do not count toward earning MQDs.
      Learn more about MQMs, MQSs and MQDs.

    Post-Purchase Upgrades: The bonus will be awarded based on the cabin that is both purchased and flown. 如果您原本购买的是经济舱机票,之后又以现金或里程付费升级,那么所获得的尊爵会资格里程、尊爵会资格航段和尊爵会资格美元消费奖励将取决于所搭乘的豪华客舱。不论是以现金还是里程付费升级,尊爵会资格里程均将基于飞行距离和所购买和乘坐的机票舱等。购票后升级所兑换里程可赢取的尊爵会资格美元消费按照升级兑换里程除以100计算。会员原始购票金额和付费升级金额将赢取75%尊爵会资格美元消费奖励。



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